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I’m am an avid sport climber. I am a SpikeBoarding athlete. Spike to climb is the cross training of both these two sports. I train at the Cliffs in LIC and my favorite outdoor crags are in Rumney, New River Gorge and Red Rocks. Before learning about the benefits of SpikeBoarding and SpikeBasing I knew that the best climbers in the gym and in the world were committed to strength and conditioning (S&C). I also knew of the book Training for the New Alpinism by House/Johnston recommend to use Cross Country Skiing (XCS) to strength and condition for climbing…not just more climbing! At the time, I thought that living in an urban environment (Queens, NYC) with very little snow made utilizing XCS unattainable. What I’ve learned since is that SpikeBoarding delivers 110% of what XCS does in a really fun and practical way. Your physiological development of core, stamina and full-body fitness will be identical between Nordic skiing and SpikeBoarding! Why 110%? Because SpikeBoarding also gives you the added benefit of BILATERAL BALANCE. Here is development proof – this video is my first day ever going up any elevation on XC roller Skis (BUT I HAD 155 days of SpikeBoarding under my belt!). Storm King Mountain – 1500ft in 3 miles. I am a SUSOIX certified SpikeBoarding and SpikeBasing coach, look me up when you want to begin Spike To Climb Training.


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