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Why do I rock climb? Traditional gyms, weights & calisthenics bore me to tears. Indoor lead climbing, top roping & bouldering is a great workout, very social, a lot of fun and solid training for sending routes outside. In fact, I’m writing this from 30,000+ feet on Jet Blue in route to the Red Rocks for a week of sport climbing.

However, a lot of rock climbers I know spend significant time doing calisthenics to build their core. Every time I force myself into one of these sessions I’m reminded of why I avoid crunches, planks & leg lifts like driving the cross bronx expressway on a Friday afternoon. I’ve been spikeboarding for a little over a month now and yesterday I felt my core engage like never before on my 5.12a overhanging project in the gym. Bottom line is spikeboarding is building my core strength, getting me from A to B & loads of fun. I see progress spikeboarding everyday and can’t wait to see where I’m at next month!

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